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Points for attention in wholesale of acid and alkali resistant clothing

2018-09-01 16:23 | writer: admin

Generally speaking, the selection of work clothes is a form of purchasing, ordering and wholesale, especially once a supplier is fixed, the two sides can find a balance point of cooperation, mutually beneficial long-term cooperation. And the wholesale of acid and alkali resistant clothing is also a truth. After all, no enterprise can spend too much time and energy on the purchase of work clothes. Such labor costs are too high.
Of course, there is a relatively fixed cooperation between manufacturers, but also can not completely ignore the changes in the wholesale market for acid and alkali clothing. Professional enterprises will make a price test for these relatively fixed manufacturers once a year. Through the price changes of suppliers in the past and the changes of industry quotations during the period to measure whether the original suppliers meet the needs of enterprises at this stage, and then determine whether they can continue to cooperate.
Some people just pay attention to the determination of wholesalers and quantity when they are just contacting wholesale of acidproof and alkali resistant clothing. In fact, for the first time for special clothing wholesale personnel should do a good job of basic homework, understand the acid and alkali prevention work clothing real audit standards and quality inspection points, and then consider the price of clothing and wholesale volume to determine, otherwise not on the same level of clothing, there is basically no price comparison of a real Intertemporal meaning.

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