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The Development of Flame Retardant Fabric

2015-09-05 09:02 | writer: admin

When a fire occurs, more people died from suffocation poisonous gas unburned. In addition, the fire protection clothing must be used no molten drop fire retardant clothing, because the droplet will cause the firemen secondary damage. So in addition to the flame retardant products for use outside the actual working environment, but also does control the quality standards affiliated.
With the development of society, the improvement of people's life and consciousness for their own protection and gradually strengthened, flame retardant products market demand is a linear growth. In the event of a fire retardant products is the last line of defense, ten years, continuously improve the performance of flame retardant fabric, its quality has a great leap forward. But because of the quality of domestic products at present uneven, some good and some bad flame retardant, flame retardant products related to unified mandatory standards implementation has been imminent. In pure cotton flame retardant fabric as an example, during the development of finishing fire retardant (for halogen) although some flame retardant effect can be achieved, but because the unburnt will produce large amounts of toxic gases, did not achieve the purpose of flame retardant substance.
The following simple introduced the development situation of the flame retardant fabric:
1, One-time Flame Retardant Fabric
Disposable flame-retardant fabric is the embryonic form of flame retardant products, due to the technical difficulty is not high, the cost is low, once became the flagship product of flame retardant fabric market. Not resistant to washing and flame retardant on the environment and human body are harmful, promotion which limits the disposable flame-retardant products. At present, the products are mainly used in sofa fabric and other decorative field. With the durable cotton flame retardant, modified polyester permanent flame retardant fabric gradually stabilized popularization, disposable flame-retardant products will gradually be replaced.
2, Cotton and Durable Flame Retardant Fabric
Cotton products is always the fabric fashion trends of the market, the wearing comfort has been pursued by the people. Durable flame retardant finishing cotton fabric, the non-toxic environmentally friendly production technology, this product can effectively prevent the spread of flame, and can protect the fabric of the original excellent performance. Durable flame retardant cotton fabric has good washing performance, non-toxic, no smell, safe to human body, and breathable fabric, feel soft, comfortable to wear. At the initiative of the combustion, anti thawing outstanding performance. At present cotton flame retardant fabric by flame retardant index: damage length is less than or equal to 200 mm, continued burning time less than 3 seconds the smoldering time less than 2 seconds. The main products are cotton woven fabric (such as khaki, khaki, double-sided cloth, cloth, canvas etc.). Used in metallurgy, machinery, forestry, fire protection and other industries to make flame retardant protective clothing.
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