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Personal protective equipment - Flame Retardant clothing

2018-09-01 16:25 | writer: admin

Flame-retardant clothing is one of the most widely used and unique kinds of personal protective products. Its working principle is that it can take the effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption and carbonization absorption. It can effectively protect our working people from injury and protect our staff from open fire. Or heat source damage, can really achieve a better application model, experience a unique classic work protection situation. The wearing of flame retardant clothing is also very important, we must be in accordance with the formal way to design and manufacture, in accordance with the formal way to wear.
This kind of garment is a kind of special protective articles with labor characteristics designed and produced by the national standard GB8965.1-2009. It has novel structure and design concept. Similarly, its structure design is reasonable, it is very simple and convenient to wear, without any limitations, has the advantages and characteristics of easy to wear, the same flame retardant clothing also has the performance and advantages of preventing fracture, its tear strength is very strong, tear strength is very important.
Henan Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of permanent flame retardant fabrics. It mainly produces aramid flame retardant viscose acrylic sulfone fiber and other permanent flame retardant fabrics, all of which meet the standards of EN470-1, EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, EN61482, EN533, EN531, BS5852 and NFPA2112, and also fully conform to the national standards. Internal GB8965-2009 standard for flame retardant protective clothing. Flame retardant protective clothing made of acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric has good washing resistance, non-toxic and odor-free, safe and reliable for human body, breathable and moisture-permeable, soft handle, comfortable to wear. It is suitable for making flame retardant protective clothing in metallurgical, mechanical, forestry and fire protection industries. It has all kinds of canvas, plain cloth, gauze card, twill, and all kinds of knitted fabrics. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory.

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