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How to choose tooling fabrics?

2018-09-01 16:26 | writer: admin

According to the characteristics of the work clothes you need, choose the appropriate fabrics to make work clothes, can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical injuries and harmful chemicals, thermal radiation burns, including protective, wash-resistant, anti-fungal, chemical resistance, heat resistance and so on.
Full process polyester card
Clear texture, smooth cloth, no fading, no pilling, shrink proof, easy to machine wash. Ingredients: polyester fiber 80%, cotton 20%. Width: 112CM. Specifications: 126X60
All process polyester cotton yarn card
The spinning path is clear, the cloth is smooth and thick, and it is not easy to fade, resist pilling, wear resistance, wash, draw moisture and breathe freely. Ingredients: polyester fiber 65%, cotton 35%. Tissue: 3/1 twill weave. Width: 150CM. Specification: 108X58.
Cotton gauze card
Clear lines, smooth and thick cloth surface, not easy to fade, anti-pilling, size stability, anti-wear and washing, moisture absorption and ventilation, not easy to generate static electricity, good skin affinity. Ingredients: 100% cotton. Tissue: 3/1 twill weave. Technology: mercerizing, dyeing, dyeing and dyeing. Width: 148-150CM. Specification: 128X60. Custom-made fabric for work clothes.
Full process leveling
Wide anti-wrinkle, good drape, smooth and smooth cloth surface, moisture absorption and air permeability, wear resistance can not be pilled, color fastness is strong, with excellent polyester cotton effect. Ingredients: polyester fiber 65%, cotton 35%. Tissue: 1/1 plain weave. Width: 150CM. Specification: 100X53.
Chefs -
The handle is soft and comfortable, moisture absorption and breathability are good, and no pilling is required. Ingredients: polyester fiber 65%, cotton 35%. Weight: 310-320 g / m. Width: 146-148CM.
Seiko (and thickening and antistatic)
The fabric is interwoven with polyester filament and cotton yarn, twill is the surface. The fabric has the function of anti-wrinkle and anti-pilling (wool) of chemical fiber, and the back is comfortable, moisture absorption and air permeability of cotton. Ingredients: polyester fiber 55%, cotton 45%. Tissue: 1/2 twill weave. Technology: environmental protection dyeing. Weight: 250-260 g / M (thickening: 320-330 g / M). Width: 148-150CM.
Antistatic silk
Imported conductive fibers and chemical fibers are used as raw materials and processed by advanced technology. It is suitable for conductive industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, coal mine and so on. Ingredients: 100D: polyester elastic filament and 30D antistatic yarn; weft: 100D bright filament. Technology: environmental protection dyeing. The weight is 190-200 grams / meter. Width: 148-150CM.
Oxford spinning
It is made of polyester fiber and double cotton. It has the characteristics of clear and generous pattern, combination of dot and net, high cotton content, comfortable wearing and finishing. Tissue: 1/1 plain weave. Weight: 190-200 g / m. Width: 146-148CM.
Gong Shuang
Both the wide polyester fiber, but also the flexibility of viscose fiber, after high temperature treatment, the cloth is tight and gorgeous, good resilience, easy to machine wash, good wrinkle resistance. Ingredients: polyester fiber 65%, viscose fiber 35%. Organization: two bath process, environmental protection dyeing. Weight: 260-270 g / m. Width: 148-150CM.

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