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Why do workers wear flame retardant clothing when they work?

2018-09-01 16:28 | writer: admin

Before one of my friends said to me, I will fire retardant clothing has become each and every one of their company, the main reason is because they heard that many companies give their employees to wear the clothes, but also to the clothing as a uniform, because they are associated with high temperature work, and they feel heat and flame will have a big impact to oneself. If serious, there may be casualties, so they feel very afraid.
In fact, when they chose this job, they didn't notice the danger of this job at all. But when they went to work, they found that this job was more difficult than they thought. In fact, it was not particularly difficult to operate. This work environment has given them my desire to flame-retardant clothing. You're dealing with high temperatures every day, which is something you don't normally experience.
So in doing this job, you should have been well prepared. Other companies have agreed to my request for flame-retardant clothing, so my friend is hoping to get the same treatment. With this kind of clothing, they are not afraid to work. If you can't keep yourself safe, the job can become a burden to everyone, and many people may quit because of fear.

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