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Work clothes must be chosen according to the working environment

2018-09-01 16:30 | writer: admin

Reasonable clothing and work clothes can help regulate the body temperature and protect the skin, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproof, fire prevention, thermal radiation prevention, poison prevention and animal bite prevention. Whether clothing and work clothes are reasonable is directly related to human health.
  When working in a high temperature environment, the exposure to thermal radiation is large. Therefore, the working clothes should be white or light color and the cloth should be thick and soft. In addition, some people like to work under the heat and sweat a lot. Some people like to be shirtless, which can cause hot radiation to burn the skin, make the skin hot and dry, reduce heat dissipation, and cause injury to the body. Therefore, working at high temperature should not only wear clothes, but also wear thick long-sleeved clothes and trousers, and wear heat resistant gloves as well as masks, foot shields, etc.
  Mechanical workers often move between machines, avoiding entanglements and friction. Consequently, overalls is about to tell the truth tight, hemline, cuff, trousers leg is ok buckle up, and, cloth requirement is stronger, wear-resisting, colour and lustre is advisable with deeper.
  Workers or laboratory technicians engaged in chemical production should wear rubber aprons, rubber gloves and rubber overshoes in addition to thick tight sleeves for working in workshops and laboratories containing corrosive substances. If necessary, also should wear the rubber work clothes with helmet can be isolated from the outside.
  Agricultural production worker undertakes general outdoors work, usable and general light color rough cloth or khaki work clothes. Forest workers wear three-tight overalls that tighten the neckline, cuffs and ankles to keep out pests.
  Cooking staff and food workers should wear white, with buckles on the back, which should be too long on the knees, the cuff can be tightened, and wear hats and masks to enhance cleanliness and prevent food contamination.
  Wearing the work clothes should not only be selected according to the nature of the work, but also should pay attention to exclusive use, work clothes only in the workplace, do not take home, in order to avoid bringing back germs or poison spread. Also should pay attention to keep clean, neat, regular cleaning, sewing, to ensure that the work clothes should play the role of protection.
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