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What issues should be taken into account in the purchase of flame-retardant clothing?

2018-09-01 16:31 | writer: admin

Fire-retardant clothes are indispensable in many industries nowadays. There is no doubt that employees can effectively protect themselves after wearing fire-retardant clothes. But in the selection of flame retardant clothing, how to identify the material of flame retardant clothing, I think this is also a matter of note. We should know that in order to protect employees, we need to be cautious in flame-retardant clothes.
For flame retardant clothing, we not only need to choose from the brand, but also need to consider some other details of clothing and other issues, which is also a consideration of their own enterprises to bring more benefits. Especially in the choice of flame retardant clothes, the first thing to carefully identify the appearance of clothing problems, clothing flaws, or workmanship will not be a problem. All these need to be paid attention to, because once the flame retardant clothing quality problems, it will cause unexpected potential safety hazards. Therefore, as long as the enterprises are willing to choose carefully, they will be able to choose the flame-retardant clothing with quality guarantee. I want to flame-retardant clothing also hope that when you choose, the quality of the product is the first consideration, followed by consideration of the price of flame-retardant clothing. Only in this way can we ensure the safety of employees themselves while ensuring their own interests.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, for many years focused on the production of flame retardant fabrics, fluorescent fabrics led by a variety of functional fabrics and safety protective clothing. The company owns functional fabrics factory and protective clothing factory respectively. As a leader in the domestic functional textile industry, Yulong Textile is more pioneering in integrating the advantages of the two factories of fabric and clothing, and devotes itself to building functional fabrics and clothing one-stop service center.

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