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What is teflon triproof fabric?

2018-09-01 16:34 | writer: admin

Teflon triproofing fabric refers to the fabric with excellent waterproof function, oil proof function and antifouling function after the treatment of ordinary fabric with dupont triflon triproofing agent, commonly known as "triflon fabric", to keep the fabric clean and tidy. According to the water-resistant strength, it can be divided into Teflon and hi-teflon. Compared with ordinary fabrics, this fabric has more beautiful appearance quality, and it will also have excellent anti-oil, water-splash and anti-stain effects like lotus leaves, which can effectively prevent oil, water and stains from infiltrating into the inner layer of the fiber, so as to keep the fabric dry and clean for a long time. After 20 times of water washing, the super-strength teflon can still reach 90 points and 100 points before washing. This fabric can be widely used in ordinary clothing fabric, jacket fabric, leisure wear fabric, down jacket fabric, sleeping bag fabric.
The aramid fabric produced by xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD can be treated with teflon tri-defence. The treated aramid fabric not only has no effect on the flame retardant effect, but also has three functions of waterproof oil discharge and anti-fouling and excellent acid-base resistance.

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