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Special attention should be paid to the choice of flame retardant work clothes.

2018-09-01 16:38 | writer: admin

Custom-made flame retardant work clothes need special attention to the choice of fabric, only choose the appropriate flame retardant fabric, make a good flame retardant work clothes in order to meet the requirements of enterprises!
For the choice of flame-retardant fabrics, according to the customer's flame-retardant work clothes to make samples or style drawings to see all the details, after factory approval can be produced.
Generally speaking, wholesale autumn work clothes are required to achieve at least the color fastness, to meet the washing color fastness, rubbing color fastness and light color fastness.
Firstly, the requirement of water-washing color fastness is that the single-washing fastness is 3-4, and the sticky color fastness is 3-4. Similarly, the rubbing color fastness needs to meet the dry rubbing standard 3-4 level wet rubbing standard 2.5-4 level can be; light color fastness to achieve 4 level can be.
Special attention should be paid to the size change of fabrics. If there is no specific requirement, all fabrics should be washed five times, the maximum error in each direction is less than 3%; after three times of dry cleaning, the maximum error in each direction is less than 2%.
When choosing fabrics, fabrics made of pure man-made fibers are exempt from testing, and fabrics made of animal and vegetable fibers must be tested; when a 16-micron flame is used to contact 2*6-inch fabrics for one second, the burning time is calculated to be acceptable for no delay of more than 7 seconds and unqualified for less than 7 seconds. The materials for export orders are required to be free of azo dyes, and the factory shall carry out a written or phased test according to the requirements of the orders.
In addition, color accuracy is also required, the color of large goods and confirmation of color difference should be at least within 3.5, and need to be confirmed by customers.
If the cloth and the cloth are the same color, the chromatic aberration is no less than 3.5 grade. When the fabric requires accurate ingredient ratio, uniform yarn count density, woven fabric to meet the customer's requirements of density, knitted fabric weight requirements within the error range of (+) 5%.
After the selection of the above main materials, but also need to autumn flame retardant work clothes made of accessories to do some preparation, this is to be made under the overall requirements.

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