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There are many ways to choose flame-retardant clothing

2018-09-01 16:50 | writer: admin

You can also by the olfactory approach to observation, some unqualified have certain toxicity, flame-retardant clothing will flame retardant protective packaging bags out when you need to pay attention to, there should be no surprise, or excitant odour, if stimulating odour and produce will seriously affect our physical and mental health, will cause certain damage on everybody's body.
In addition, it can also be tested through the method of wearing. Try the decoration of the flame retardant protective clothing, which should not affect its normal work. See whether it is convenient and quick to put on and off, and it should be quickly taken off. You must be in accordance with the method of formal design and view, can by hand touch can also be used to see, nose to smell is ok, but must select some in advance when buy a regular have qualified manufacturers, only formal manufacturers can meet our actual demand, its wear method is also very rich cultured.
Established in 2002, xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. Has for many years been focusing on the production of flame retardant fabrics, fluorescent fabrics as the leading functional fabrics and safety protective clothing. The company owns functional fabric factories and protective clothing factories respectively. As a leader in the domestic functional textile industry, yulong textile integrates the advantages of its two factories in fabrics and clothing in a more innovative way, and strives to build a one-stop service center for functional fabrics and clothing.

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