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Why does flame retardant suit have the function of isolating combustion?

2018-09-01 16:53 | writer: admin

We should all know that in some industrial workers, most of them are exposed to flame retardant clothing. It is not strange to see the flame-retardant clothing, but it is not clear what kind of working principle the flame-retardant clothing actually USES. So what kind of technology can be used to make the flame retardant suit play the role of isolation combustion? Here I would like to give you a detailed introduction, and let you know more about flame retardant clothing.
For the design and manufacture of flame retardant clothing, the technology adopted is also divided into two types. The first is to use the fiber as soon as possible to achieve the process of dehydration carbonization, so as to prevent the role of burning as soon as possible. I believe that through this simple analogy, I believe that everyone can understand, mainly using a kind of fabric for processing. Another is to use flame retardant technology to add a special chemical reaction inside the fiber, so that the composition of the fiber can be changed. This will reduce the possibility of burning, and the fiber that can prevent burning is more, so there are many choices in the material aspect. I believe that the technology of flame retardant clothing in the design will be more perfect in the future, and it can also meet the needs of different people, and the user's safety will be guaranteed to the maximum extent.
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