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The role of flame retardant clothing in the mechanical industry

2018-09-01 16:54 | writer: admin

Flame-retardant clothing is unfamiliar to some people, because there are few opportunities to contact the flame-retardant clothing, but it must be familiar to people in the fire industry. Flame-retardant clothing is a special clothing designed to prevent damage caused by fire. It is such a kind of clothing that has been specially developed and made with high-tech references. It is the necessary clothing for protecting the body of some special workers, such as firefighters, smelters in steel plants and so on.
At the same time it is not a single, it guarantees the good performance of heat insulation, but also increases the tensile, dirt resistance. Speaking of dirt, I think a lot of people have washed the clothes they wear on a daily basis, but because of some special industries, things we touch at work can directly touch our clothes. You should know that the machinery industry deals with the oil on the machinery every day. If you wear ordinary working clothes, the work will be stained with oil after work, which directly reduces the work efficiency of employees. Therefore, many enterprises begin to introduce and buy flame-retardant overalls, especially flame-retardant overalls, which have two to five times as much dirty performance as ordinary clothes. In some aspects, it saves a lot of employees' time and energy to work. Therefore, every manufacturer should be equipped with corresponding flame retardant clothing. It is a good choice to order flame retardant clothing whether from the safety of work or from the cleaning of enterprise employees.
Established in 2002, xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. Has for many years been focusing on the production of flame retardant fabrics, fluorescent fabrics as the leading functional fabrics and safety protective clothing. The company owns functional fabric factories and protective clothing factories respectively. As a leader in the domestic functional textile industry, yulong textile integrates the advantages of its two factories in fabrics and clothing in a more innovative way, and strives to build a one-stop service center for functional fabrics and clothing.

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