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Fabric Recognition Knowledge

2015-09-07 09:04 | writer: admin

1. The recognition of international fabric quality mark. International has unified marking on the fabric quality.
Divided into:
(1) 100%Cotton.
(2) 100%Wool.
(3) 100%Polyester (poly).
(4) Pure Wool.
2. Recognition of fabric grade
Product description or a cloth label on the scarlet letter for first-class; printed with green word for two products; printed blue word for three products; printed with black word for substandard product.
3. Recognition of fabric
This fabric variety. How to identify the fabric texture? Just take a few threads, from the fabric edge corner by burning, can identify.
A thick smell of burning hair, ash is black loose globular, is pure wool or silk fabrics, and the hair is short fiber, silk is the long fiber, can from the shape difference.
A burning hair smell, with gray white powdered ashes and is wool and viscose blended fabric.
A burning hair smell, ashes was a hard spherical, is wool and synthetic fiber or fabric.
Neither the burning hair smell, no burning taste, but other special smell, ashes hard spherical or block, is pure or blended spinning synthetic fiber fabric.

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