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Flame retardant work clothes part -2

2018-09-01 17:01 | writer: admin

Two. Clothing
Finished garment surface accessories should meet the technical requirements of the above flame retardant garment accessories.
1. appearance quality garment appearance should be free from breakage, spots, dirt and other defects that affect the wearability.
2. the style is simple, practical and beautiful. It should be selected in the following styles.
A. is installed separately.
B. trousers (CAP) and so on.
3. structure
Safety and hygiene are beneficial to the normal physiological requirements and health of the human body.
2. When you are fit for your work, you can move your limbs easily. Loose in size requirements.
_Clear pockets must be covered with a bag cover; jacket length should cover the top of the pants more than 20 cm; cuffs, feet, collar receivable, bag cover length should be greater than 2 cm bag mouth length. The pockets on both sides of the trousers are not allowed to be put in oblique pockets, so as to avoid splashing molten metal and sparks into or deposited.
It is not easy to cause hook, hang, twist and grind when doing homework.
_Air permeability pores can be left in the appropriate place for sweating and moisture dissipation to regulate body temperature, but ventilation pores should not affect the strength of clothing. Pore structure should not allow foreign objects to enter the interior of clothing.

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