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Fire retardant working clothes use areas and matters needing attention

2018-09-01 17:04 | writer: admin

Flame retardant coveralls are also known as flame retardant suits. Many industries now have strict requirements on the fabrics used and functional indicators to be achieved for safety reasons, among which flame retardancy is particularly important. For such overalls, we usually call them flame retardant coveralls.

Flame retardant working wear
Flame retardant work clothes are widely used in enterprise work clothes. Their protection principle mainly adopts the shielding effect such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption and carbonization isolation. Flame retardant work clothes can protect employees from the open fire or heat source when they work. Therefore, flame retardant coveralls are widely used in oil fields, petrochemical industry, petrol stations, chemical industry, fire control and other places that have a variety of protective requirements for overalls.
Although flame-retardant overalls are made with flame retardant on the fabric, they are not completely suitable for the welding industry. Suitable for the welding industry is the thick cotton canvas fabric, should choose such flame-retardant fabric such as welding suits more thick and durable, even if sprayed with sparks will not spread.
Flame retardant working clothes are most of the fireworks, industrial film, dangerous goods transport and other industries. Such industries are highly dangerous. Fabric will also automatically go out in a matter of seconds after being ignited. However, this kind of fabric has a life cycle, and its flame retardant function will be lower and lower after washing more than 50 times.
Precautions for wearing flame retardant overalls
1. The flame retardant work clothes made of all-cotton fabric are more suitable for general industrial flame retardant and thermal protection. When the work clothes are lit by fire, leave the fire as soon as possible and take off the clothes. The flame retardant property of the overalls of this fabric is adhered to the fiber after chemical treatment, so special attention should be paid to cleaning, and its protective efficiency should be retained as long as possible.
2. New flame retardant overalls should be washed before the first wear. Water temperature can't over 60 ℃. Water temperature is as low as possible, with the principle that wash clean, low water temperature can assure the shrinkage rate of work clothes is lowest. Flame-retardant overalls should not be exposed to the sun. They should be dried naturally or dried.
In addition, do not attach any fusible items to flame retardant coveralls. Overalls should not be placed with corrosive materials. And to avoid rat bite, moth, mildew and so on. So-called "one cent one cent goods" at present on the market flame-retardant work clothes manufacturer is mixed, quality is mixed also, for individual safety, the proposal is bought when should choose the work clothes manufacturer that has actual strength to cooperate.
Above is xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. To provide you with the use of flame-retardant work clothes and matters needing attention, hope to deepen your understanding of flame-retardant work clothes! Currently, flame retardant work clothes are used in more and more places. Special materials of flame retardant work clothes also need to be carefully customized. It is recommended that the supplier issue the inspection report of flame retardant fabric, which should be more thoughtful and prudent before safety.

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