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Purchase Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric Should Look at Quality First

2018-10-10 17:16 | writer: admin

Aramid fabric is widely used in various industrial and civil fields, can be made and flame retardant protective clothing and daily work clothes used in the steel factory, glass factory, forging,casting factory, the exploitation of oil, ore mining and metallurgy, machinery, chemical, fire and other industries, meantime,in hotels, airports, railway, ship,such as this public places, flame retardant fabric is also used for making sheets, curtains and other corresponding requirements for flame retardant textile products.
The current international for unified management of aramid fabrics such as flame retardant products, develop the corresponding flame retardant standards, current use is European and American Standard, European standard EN471, EN11611, EN11612, EN1149-5, ASTM D6413, American Standard NFPA 2112, ASTM F1959, NFPA 70E/IEC 61482-1-1. Flame retardant fabric Yulong textile production can meet the above standard test.
aramid flame retardant fabric
Nowadays, the market of aramid flame retardant fabrics is getting larger and larger, and more and more suppliers of Kevlar flame retardant fabrics are on the market. The price of flame retardant fabrics is still valued by customers when choosing flame retardant fabric suppliers. However, customers who are familiar with flame retardant fabrics know that the price of flame retardant fabrics varies greatly. How to choose the appropriate price fabric in many flame retardant fabrics is the focus of customer attention.
Aramid fabric in quality under the condition of the same choice of low prices of products can be do, but how to judge the quality of aramid fabric is the most important, the quality of aramid fabric is very high. At present, the qualified rate of flame retardant fabric in aramid fabric industry is lower than that in foreign countries. Yulong Textile is a professional aramid fabric export business, many foreign subscribers in Yulong procurement procurement requirements first flame retardant fabric flame retardant fabric is our quality whether meet their requirements. Therefore, the price factors of flame retardant fabrics are based on the same quality of flame-retardant fabrics.Domestic price of fabric produced by Yulong Textile is not guaranteed to be the lowest, but our quality is absolutely the leading industry.

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