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Flame Retardant Fabric and Treatment

2018-12-08 17:28 | writer: admin

With the continuous improvement of people's income, people's will to health care is also rising. Besides physical exercise, moxa fumigation health care is gradually approaching people's lives. Moxa fumigation have the functions of soothing the mind and helping sleep, relieving pressure, dispelling wind and cold, strengthening the body and removing pathogens, warming meridians and dredging collaterals, nourishing the stomach, improving dyspepsia, preventing colds and enhancing immunity. The commonly used method is to ignite the moxa stick, put it on the hand by the special person, and put it on the patient's point. If we open a moxa fumigation health care center, we  will need more staffs, higher cost, smaller smoking area and longer overall health care time; if we make a large wooden box, there are several small holes in the bottom of the box, on which there are 170 GSM 100% cotton flame retardant fabrics on the top, and on the flame retardant fabrics, we put the burning moxa on the shelf, and the smoke penetrates float on the skin of the human body through the 100% cotton flame retardant fabric and  bottom hole , so that it can play a therapeutic effect.
In the treatment process, moxa ash falls on the 100% cotton flame retardant fabric. The 100% cotton flame retardant fabric will not ignite, and will not be burned through, playing a role in protecting the skin.
Note: all 100% cotton flame retardant fabrics have good moisture absorption and permeability and no harm to the skin.
cotton flame retardant fabric

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