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Permanent flame retardant textiles will become a hot market

2018-12-18 15:58 | writer: admin

With the increasing awareness of human safety and the continuous improvement of flame retardant regulations, the development of flame retardant textiles will continue to increase, especially permanent flame retardant textiles will become a new hot spot in the market. The research on flame retardant modified polymer fibers may show the following development trend.
1. Long-lasting environment-friendly high-quality flame retardant fiber
Long-lasting environmental protection and high-quality flame-retardant fiber is the future development trend. For example, the long-acting flame-retardant, anti-melt, anti-smoke integrated melt-spun fiber, high-strength environmentally friendly long-lasting flame-retardant wet-spun fiber. The balance between processability, flame retardancy, dripping resistance, smoke suppression and mechanical properties of flame retardant polymers is the future research and development direction of flame retardant fibers.
2, functional composite flame retardant fiber
Flame-retardant, flame-retardant, water-repellent, flame-retardant, anti-static, flame-retardant and other composite functional fibers are the future development trend.
3, green and environmentally friendly flame retardant fiber
The development of high-efficiency, non-toxic, halogen-free, smoke-free, and droplet-free flame retardant fibers is a future development trend.
4, comfortable flame retardant fiber
In terms of comfortable flame retardant fibers, it should have both flame retardancy, heat and moisture comfort, and good processability.
5, high-tech flame retardant fiber
High-tech flame-retardant fiber has unique molecular structure, no need to add flame retardant or modification, and it has high temperature and flame retardant performance, and has high added value and good economic benefit. It is the development of flame retardant fiber in the future. direction.
In summary, the market demand for flame retardant fiber is increasing. Chemical fiber companies must increase their efforts to develop new flame retardant fibers, improve technology and equipment, and improve the overall quality of existing flame retardant fibers to meet civil, military and industrial needs. Use of high-end flame retardant textiles. In daily life, the use of flame-retardant textiles in home decoration can definitely increase safety and reduce losses.
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