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What are the advantages of arc proof workwear?

2018-12-18 16:07 | writer: admin

Excellent characteristics of arc-proof clothing
Lightweight: Under the same degree of protection, the arc-proof suit is not only lighter than the garments that have been treated after the treatment, but also lighter than other garments that import permanent flame-retardant materials. Under the condition that the material is the same weight, the degree of protection of the arc-proof clothing is much higher than that of other similar products.

Breathable, moisture permeable: The arc-proof fabric contains natural plant fiber, which has excellent breathability and moisture permeability and is more comfortable to wear.
Permanent anti-static: similar products are woven in the fabric as conductive wire. The conductive wire will be lost due to washing and loss, and the anti-static function will be lost. The anti-arc fabric is directly mixed with conductive fiber and permanently anti-static.
Health and environmental protection: In the past, arc-proof clothing usually used a fabric that was subjected to post-treatment by chemical reagents to achieve arc-proof performance. The free formaldehyde contained in it easily caused symptoms such as allergies and was not conducive to human health. The arc-proof suit uses advanced raw materials and does not require any chemical treatment to ensure the wearer's health from the source.
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