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The Promotion and Application of Aramid ⅢA Fabric

2018-12-27 17:20 | writer: admin

With flame retardant effect itself, aramid ⅢA fabric has a permanent flame retardant effect. The Composition rate is 90% meta aramid plus 5% pera aramid plus 2% anti-static fiber. It can be divised to liquid and after-dyeing crafts from the dyeing process. Liquid aramid ⅢA fabric is made by adding color master batch in raw material to get  colored  fiber , and then weaving the colored fiber yarn. While the after-dyeing aramid ⅢA fabric use white aramid fiber yarn, dye, then start dyeing process or weaving the white gray for white dyeing directly. The after-dyeing aramid ⅢA fabric which produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd is yarn dyeing . Compared with after-dyeing aramid ⅢA fabric, the liquid aramid ⅢA fabric have good color fastness, especially the light fastness can reach Class 4-5, but after-dyeing aramid ⅢA fabric have more colors selectivity. 
aramid IIIA fabric
As a functional safety protective fabric ,the aramid ⅢA fabric have the functions like high strength, tear resistance ,wear resistance and good high temperature flame retardant .The Aramid ⅢA woven fabric which produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile mainly including plain ,twill ,check gingham; and the fabric weight is between 120 to 350gsm . The aramid ⅢA knitted fabric mainly including ribbed, jersey, cotton, mesh, can be widely used in making protective garments for the industries like Fire , metallurgy , metallurgy, military, aerospace and other special fields .

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