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Brief Talking about The Characteristics of Antistatic Fiber of Antistatic Flame Retardant Fabric

2019-01-11 18:00 | writer: admin

Nowadays, people are increasingly demanding apparel fabrics, not only asked multi-function ,but also need the function have better performance, and need the garment more comfort. The permanent anti-static fiber is added to the flame retardant fabric to make the fabric and the garment have durable flame retardant and anti-static effects, to eliminate the damage caused by the static electricity generated by the human body and the clothing. The following is a discussion of the characteristics of antistatic fibers used in antistatic flame retardant fabrics.
For antistatic fibers to have a permanent antistatic effect, the following materials are often used:
Antistatic Flame Retardant Fabric
1.Carbon black anti-static fiber, which is divided into nylon-based and polyester-based, normally used nylon-based, poly-cotton fabrics sometimes use polyester-base.  Generally, it can meet the requirements of EN1149-1 and EN1149-3. It can generally eliminate static electricity damage to the human body.
2.Organic conductive fiber, it is white and can be dyed when dyeing, it is often used in light color fabrics, to prevent the fabric from using the carbon black conductive filaments to affect the sensory uncleanness of the fabric, but the conductive properties of the same thickness of the organic conductive fibers are less than those of the carbon black conductive filaments.
3.Metal anti-static fiber, when the content reaches 2-3% blending, has good antistatic properties, surface resistivity can meet higher requirements<1*106, can meet the higher requirements of protective clothing. The shortcoming is that it is difficult to blending with other fiber. Now Yulong Textile has overcome this problem, and we can produce in bulk and keep stable quality.
We can use different anti-static fibers to produce antistatic flame retardant fabrics according to the different needs of our customers, so that our protective clothing and fabrics are high quality and low price.

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