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The Characteristics of Modacrylic Cotton FR Fabric

2019-01-26 16:35 | writer: admin

The FR nitrile chloride fiber used in the modacrylic cotton FR fabric is a modified acrylic fiber .Its copolymerized of acrylonitrile monomer and vinyl compound containing flame retardant elements ,has high flame retardancy , oxygen limited index :30-32.
Modacrylic cotton FR fabric has soft feel , good water absorption and good comfortable performance . This kind of FR fabric burns without melting and shrinking,only produces carbonization. which can effectively prevent the fabric from dripping on the skin. 
Modacrylic cotton FR fabric
Modacrylic cotton FR fabric mostly used to make protective clothing, and usually blended with cotton , accoring to the different usage and flame retardant requirement for the fabric , The blended ratio of FR acrylic to  cotton  generally have 80/20, 70/30,65/35 ,60/40,55/45
The flame retardant acrylic have soft feel , no formaldehyde and other propertise after blended with cotton , can used for close-fitting clothing , As peoples requirements for safety performance continue to increase, the demands for knitted modacrylic cotton FR fabric also increasing .

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