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The Analysis and Comparison of Yulong`s Flame retardant Fabrics

2019-04-10 16:10 | writer: admin

  The main products of Xinxiang Yulong are flame retardant fabric and flame retardant work wears, between them flame retardant fabric is the basic product of our company's production and processing. According to the differences of these fabric material and the diverse way of fabric processing,they can be divided into various specifications and types. Today,Yulong will analyze and campare diffirent flame retardant fabrics from multiple perspectives to help you to know some relevant knowledge of them,so that you can make the best choice of picking the flame retardant fabric which is suitable for your needs.
  We mainly introduce the flame retardant fabric for clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong, which can be divided according to the composition into five categories as following:
  1.100% Cotton flame retardant fabric: It is made of 100% cotton, with knitting and woven series, generally adopted CP or THPC for flame retardant treatment.he finished product has good flame retardant effect, low price, harder hand feeling and higher formaldehyde content than other flame retardant fabrics.
  2.Cotton-polyester flame retardant fabric (CVC) : It is made by blended cotton and polyester, the common composition are 80% cotton +20% polyester (cvc80/20), 85% cotton +15% polyester (cvc85/15) and 70% cotton +30% polyester (cvc70/30), using THPC for flame retardant treatment.
  3.Cotton-nylon flame retardant fabric (C/N) : It is made by blended cotton and nylon. The common composition is 88% cotton +12% nylon (C/ n88/12), using THPC for flame retardant treatment.
  4.Aramid flame retardant fabric: the most common Aramid flame retardant fabric is Aramid IIIA(Aramid IIIA 93/5/2). The composition is 93% meta-aramid fiber +5% para-aramid fiber +2% anti-static fiber. Aramid IIIA is a kind of inherent flame retardant fabrics, so it doesn`t need flame retardant treatment. The finished product has good flame retardant effect, high price, good hand feeling and low formaldehyde content.
  5.Modacrylic/cotton flame retardant fabric: common modacrylic/cotton flame retardant fabric composition are 60% modacrylic +40% cotton (60/40) and 60% modacrylic +38 cotton +2% anti-static fiber (60/38/2),. The finished product has general flame retardant effect, low price, soft hand feeling and low formaldehyde content.
  The flame retardant fabrics produced by Xinxiang Yulong, as a kind of functional fabric which is unflammable and self-extinguishing, is suitable for the special workplaces where has open flames, sparks orc ombustible materials. They are often processed into individual protective products before apply to petroleum, chemical industry, fire protection, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other fields that require special protective measures for workers.With the enhancement of people's fire safety awareness, flame retardant fabrics have gradually entered our daily life.

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