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Properties of a variety of fiber blended flame retardant fabrics blended with aramid + other fibers

2019-04-12 10:09 | writer: admin

  We all know that aramid flame retardant fabrics have superior properties such as flame retardancy, strength, heat resistance and low shrinkage. However, flame retardant fabrics processed with pure aramid fibers also have a hard hand, poor hygroscopicity, and easy to generate static electricity. poor comfort and other disadvantages. Therefore, in terms of wearing, we must find ways to improve the comfort of aramid flame retardant fabric. Based on the improvement of the properties of aramid fabrics, it is the development trend of aramid fabrics to add other complementary fibers to the aramid flame retardant fabric to improve the protective function and comfort of the fabric.

  First of all, the blend of aramid + flame retardant viscose+conductive yarn can improve the feel of the fabric, increase the hygroscopicity, and make the fabric have anti-static function. At the same time, the fabric retains excellent flame retardant properties and better. Tear strength and breaking strength .
  Secondly, the combination of aramid + wool + conductive fiber can make the fabric have a soft hand feeling, and at the same time can improve the arc resistance of the fabric.
  In addition, there is a combination of aramid + flame retardant acrylic fiber + conductive fiber, which not only improves the strength of the acrylic fabric, but also softens the hand of the fabric, has a higher oxygen index, and has better flame retardant protection performance.
  Also have more than 3 kinds fiber combination, which can form better FR properties , soft hand, excellent strength, good wear resistance, and good dimensional stability.
  In the future, our Yulong textile will have more attempts, and continue to maximize the protective performance of a variety of fiber blended flame retardant fabrics based on aramid.

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