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Application of the water and oil proof fabric

2019-04-24 09:49 | writer: admin

  Water and oil proof is processed by high-techtreatment ,which has the functions of non-adhesion to water and oil ,non-permeability,and good air and moisture permeability, The principle of the water and oil proof is to use fluorinated compounds to form a film on the surface of the fabric and change the surface tension of the fabric ,thus making it difficult for water and oil to moisten the surface,at the same time ,the surface resistance of the fabric is reduced ,and it also has a certain effect of anti-static and dustproof . 

  The water and oil proof fabric produced by Xinxiang yulong textile meet the standards of AATCC22,AATCC118 ,GB12799-99<water and oil proof protective clothing >, normal water and oil proof fabric have cotton,poly-cotton,cotton-nylon etc .
  Our water and oil proof fabric also can also be superimposed with other functions , like FR water and oil proof fabric , antistatic water and oil proof fabric , and their functional effects are not affected . Our company produced water and oil proof initial water proof can reach 4-5 class ,oil proof can reach 130 points , and have good washable performance ,keep same effect after times washing .  
  Water and oil proof fabric is suitable for labor protection in frequent contact with oil and water media, such as petroleum, chemical, gas station, chef service, repair and other industries.   

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