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How to improve the hand feeling of the after treatment flame retardant fabric

2019-04-26 08:12 | writer: admin

  Because the after treatment flame retardant fabric has too much working procedures and is subjected to multiple padder pressures, it will cause hard hand feeling if the Production technical is not suitable. We use these methods to serve the hard hand feeling question:

  1 After the textile dyed and before the flame retardant treatment, we use sanforizing to improve the hand feeling.
  2 Production is strictly based on the technology during the flame retardant treatment including roll yield and moisture content. We organize the appropriate treatment plans according to different varieties.
  3 Softening agent is added to improve the hand feeling after the flame retardant treatment during the stretching process. To guarantee the softening agent does not affect the flame retardant ability, it is strictly chosen before use..
  Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co,. Ltd. has cotton flame retardant fabric, CVC flame retardant fabric, COTTON NYLON flame retardant fabric and so on. Sizes and colors can be customized. The after treatment flame retardant fabric which has passed EN11611,EN11612 and many other tests is bright-colored, good color fastness and comfortable wearing.
  Yulong is an expertise in technology especially on the hand feeling of the fabric. The after treatment fabric has good hand feeling. And other functions can be added together according to the needs.

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