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Three Tips to Choose Flame Retardant Coverall

2019-05-08 08:56 | writer: admin

  In order to satisfy the quickly changing needs of customers, the various kinds of new styles of flame retardant coverall in the market are launched constantly. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. will introduce how to choose the style you need among the wide variety of flame retardant coveralls to you, and the design details you should pay attention to when you choose the flame retardant coverall.
  First, we need to pay attention to the quality of zippers of the flame retardant coverall. The most important function of flame retardant coverall is to protect the personal safety of the workers. It requires the selected flame retardant coverall can be easily dressed, when accident happens, the workers can quickly put off the coverall to avoid being burnt. So the flame retardant coverall with good zipper must be considered to effectively protect the wearer in the dangerous environment. At present, YKK is the best zipper brand used in flame retardant coverall on the market. The flame retardant coverall produced by Xinxiang Yulong can be installed with YKK. Besides the quality and the smoothness of zipper, we have to pay attention to the quality of base cloth connecting flame retardant coverall fabric and zippers. The base cloth of zipper of our company can adopt flame retardant fabric or normal fabric, which can be respectively applied in different workplaces. The comprehensive design and production are complied with to the flame retardant performance required by the customers.Second, the pocket design of flame retardant coverall needs to be noted. The pocket of the upper body must have flap, such design can prevent the splashing melted drops or other dirt coming into the pocket while working, otherwise the flame retardant effect would be influenced  by the accumulation of dirt.  
  Finally, flame retardant coverall sewing and attaching strength of joint part of is also significant. The flame retardant coverall is jointed and seamed together by different cut-parts.  Qualified strength is needed in sealed cut-parts and joint part of the accessories and the clothes. Generally, both strength of them shall be greater than 30N. Only the flame retardant coverall with qualified sewing strength and attaching strength can guarantee the integrity during wearing, avoiding to crazing, off-line and other problems that will affect the flame retardant function.
  The above is the three tips you need to notice when choosing flame retardant coverall. With such standards, the flame retardant coverall can indeed protect the safety of workers. The flame retardant coveralls produced by Yulong has attractive design, multiple functions, conforming to every standard needed in textile industry. Welcome new and old customers to contact us. 

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