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The Features of Flame retardant clothing Inner Lining

2019-05-10 10:23 | writer: admin

  The fire retardant clothing always used the normal dyed fabric as the lining before. Recent years, with the increasing of fire retardant clothing requirement, and in order to ensure the safety and protection performance, the most frequently used is the 100% cotton Flame retardant clothing inner lining. The usually used are 100% cotton FR twill fabric, 20*20/60*60 100% cotton FR plain fabric, 32*32/130*70 100% cotton FR twill fabric and some other light 100% cotton fire retardant fabric. 
  Generally, these flame retardant clothing inner lining are 100% cotton. The inner lining is close to the underwear, so we use the 100% cotton fabric which has good moisture absorption and good breathability. It is comfortable, light and has good conformance with the thick fabric. It is preferred by the majority fire retardant designers. And widely used for the fire retardant clothing inner lining and pocket. The fire retardant requirement is increasing and must pass the standard of EN11611 and EN11612, the char length need less than 15cm. For some high requirement, the char length need not more than 10 cm and pass the NFPA2112 standard requirements. It need to improve the technology during processing to improve the fire retardant effect of thin fabric. 
  In order to reduce the static harm to the body when rubbing, now the inner lining often adopts carbon black anti – static fabric and pass the standard of EN1149-5. It also adopts the conductive fibers to effectively prevent the static damage to the workers. 
  Now the protection performance of flame retardant clothing is more comprehensive, both the outside fabric, the inner lining and accessories, all provide our staff comprehensive and considerate protection. 

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