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Six Things Need Pay Attention To When Choosing Flame Retardant Workwear

2019-06-05 14:31 | writer: admin

  In order to meet the quick changing needs of consumers, the market of flame retardant workwear constantly launch kinds of new style, so how to choose the best quality workwear from so many products? There are six points as below which is safe and secure.
  First: Check the enterprise qualifications
  Asking for the test report from supplier, so you can check the products characteristics, production batch, production time, attached fabric sample(should be same with the supplied products). You can ask for sample from the supplier and test the quality by yourself. 
  Second: Check the parameters
  Before opening the products, you must check whether the trademark, products inspection signs, safety signs of protective equipment are complete and correct, and whether there are product specification, washing and maintenance instructions of the flame retardant workwear.
  Third: Check appearance
  Checking the details, mainly to check whether there are defects, breakage and stitching defects of the surface. The most important thing is the design of the pocket. If there are pockets on the upper body of the flame retardant coverall, these pockets must have covers. This design can protect the workers from the collecting metal or sparks entering the inner part of the coverall, in case of the accumulated dirt affect the flame retardant function.
  Fourth: Hand feeling
  The high quality flame retardant workwear feel soft and do not stimulate the skin. Only comfortable wearing can be more suitable for the normal work in the complex work environment.
  Fifth: Smelling
  In many flame retardant processing, the fabric is without flame retardant function unless adding the fire retardant. Many fire retardant doesn’t meet the safety standard which has some toxicity, so smelling is also indispensable link. Generally, flame retardant workwear is no pungent smell when take out from the packaging bags.
  Sixth: Try it on
  You can try it on to check whether the flame retardant workwear is convenient and fast to wear and take off. You need focus on the quality of the zipper. The most important function of the flame retardant workwear is to protect the worker’s safety, which require us to choose the easy wear and take off clothing, so that workers can quickly take off the workwear t avoid the burning of skin. When you choose the flame retardant workwear, please must choose the one with high quality zipper which can effectively protect the safety of the worker’s life in the dangerous environment.
  Above is the six things need pay attention to when choose flame retardant workwear. As the professional manufacturer of the flame retardant workwear, Yulong keep the production quality in mind. Our workwear are fashionable, multifunctional, can meet the industry standard. Our workwear also has such features: soft and comfortable. It can be widely used in all kinds of complex working filed and popular with customers all over the world.

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