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Why is the Comfort Wearing of Flame Retardant Workwear so Important

2019-06-18 10:46 | writer: admin

  A good standard for judging flame retardant workwear is not only life protection, but also comfortable wearing. Many functional work clothes are notorious for being overheated and heavy. At the beginning time of the functional clothing coming out, the limited conditions of technology led to the product not yet mature. With the continuous development of the industry and the improvement of safety awareness, Yulong's functional work clothes was improved a lot by our own technological innovations. Our functional workwears are both protective and comfortable. However, the Comfort is slightly different under the conditions of size, material and other environments.Of course, the benefits are all retained. So what are the benefits of wearing a comfortable flame retardant workwear?
  Avoid heat disease
  Lightweight clothing can reduce the risk of developing a heat disease. Large pieces of clothing add extra weight. It’s hard to imagine working in a hot, humid environment with heavy and thick clothing. Choosing comfortable and light work clothes is the right way.
  Avoid cold diseases
  Have you heard that the same lightweight clothing can help you prevent a cold? You can do it with a cooldry workwear.
  Even when working in the cold winter, the sweat is absorbed quickly due to the hygroscopicity of the fabric itself. In fact, this is not good, because when you start to relax, it will make body temperature drop rapidly. Extreme differences between heat and cold can easily cause  hypoimmunity and disease.
  Increase productivity and morale
  While guarding safety, we must also pay attention to psychological comfort. Wearing bulky or uncomfortable clothes will only make you upset and depressed. Comfort allows you to focus on your work and efficiency. This is also the company’s indeed needs. Protection with good working environment is very important for the corporate culture.
  These are reasons why you need to notice the function as well as comfort when choosing a flame retardant workwear. Safety protection is like an engine and comfortable garment can be taken as gear. As long as the gear is polished and lubricated, the whole enterprise can be more efficient and more combative. Yulong Textile has been innovating on developing workewears. Research and innovation is put first place. We constantly upgrade quality and performance testing. From the storage to leaving factory of finished goods, we strictly test to ensure QC, and escort the safety of every new and old customer.

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