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The details you should pay attention to when you wear flame retardant clothing

2019-06-18 10:51 | writer: admin

  In some working environments, people are vulnerable to the open fire. In order to guarantee the working safety, some precautions must be taken. According to the official data, the fire disaster takes 73% of many catastrophic events, for the serious injured persons, the place where they wear clothes are more seriously burned than the place where their skin is exposed. 1% skin injured persons need to stay in hospital for 1.5 days. The average hospital stays time is 19 days, the cost for every day needs 18 thousands of dollars. All the cost for hospital stays needs 200 thousands of dollars to 700 thousands of dollars, sometimes the cost will more than 1 million dollars, which is unacceptable for the injured person and their companies. The flame retardant clothing emerges at the right moment, which ensures the safety and reduces the risk of company to a large extent .Yulong will introduce the details how to wear the flame retardant clothing.
  1. You may be used to leave the top button undone. Such manner will not affect your life, but it will affect a lot when you wear the flame retardant clothing. In order to ensure the protection function of flame retardant clothing, you should press all the buttons down and zip up all the zippers, so that the danger can be reduced. 
  2. In order to further protect your neck and chest, please pay attention to the lining of the clothing. In order to ensure the light of the clothing, and reduce the cost, there are many manufacturers to take the lining of the clothing away, such manner will greatly affect the protection effect of the clothing. The flame retardant clothing produced by Yulong has flame retardant lining, which is comfortable, will not add the volume of the clothing. When we wear such flame retardant clothing, we should pay attention to the lining and wear according to the specification. 
  3. Whether you have such habit? When you wear the causal clothing, you are used to put tops out of the pants. When you wear the formal clothes, you are used to put shirt in the pants. So as to reduce the injury to your skin, when you wear the flame retardant clothing, you should put tops in the pants;
  Finally, you should pay attention to whether your flame retardant clothing is fitted. The clothing should not be loose, or tight. The air layer between your skin and the clothing will provide protection and heat insulation in the environment having the open fire, so when you select the clothing, it must not be tight.
  Wear the suitable flame retardant clothing will keep you away from the danger happened in your work, especially for the special industries. Life is not a game, the selection of flame retardant clothing is very important, you should not only consider the cost, but also consider the comfort level, maintenance requirement and protection level. Yulong Textile will provide you with reliable flame retardant clothing. 

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