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The Features of Modacrylic and Viscose Protective Fire Retardant Fabric

2019-07-04 09:02 | writer: admin

        Modacrylic and Viscose Protective Fabric belongs to the fire retardant fiber fabric. It is woven by the 30% modacrylic fiber and 70% viscose fiber blended yarn.
        Such blended fire retardant fabric has both good fire retardant performance of two kinds of fibers. It has the permanent fire retardant performance. Limit oxygen index (LOI) is more than 32% which reach the first grade. The char length of vertical combustion is less 10cm, no afterflame and afterglow, self-extinguish from fire and without melting drops. 
        If the viscose content is higher, the fabric will has the features of good air permeability and moisture absorption, which is suitable for making underwear. If the acrylic fiber is high, the fabric will be with better fire retardant protection performance, good stability and not easy to deformation.
        This type fire retardant fabric is easy dyed and has strong chemical resistance. Most of the organic solvents can’t dissolve it. It also has excellent protection performance without formaldehyde and non-toxic.
        This type blended fire retardant fabric is often blended with 2% anti-static fiber, so that the fabric will protect the human body from the static damage which will be more safer. 
        Yulong is developing more varieties of Modacrylic and Viscose Protective Fabric so that you will have more choices. 

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