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Flame Retardant Mechanism and Method of Textiles

2015-09-11 09:22 | writer: admin

The flame retardant of textiles in accordance with the method introduced the production process and the method of flame retardant is broadly divided into flame retardant treated fibers and flame retardant fabric finishing two categories.
1. the flame retardant fiber processing
Flame retardant treatment of fiber is about some itself flammable high textile fiber (such as polyester, cotton fibers, acrylic) to join a flame retardant, free radicals produced in the combustion process of inhibition; or change the textile fiber thermal decomposition process, promote the dehydration carbonization; some are made of flame retardant is decomposed to release non combustible gas covering on the surface of the fiber, which plays the role of textiles and air isolation effect. In order to improve the flame retardant finished fiber polymer thermal stability and raw fiber modified by two kinds of general methods of fire retardant treatment.
2, the flame retardant fabric finishing
The flame retardant finishing is mainly applied to the surface treatment of fabrics in the textile finishing process, so that the textile has a certain degree of flame-retardant properties. The machining mode mainly has the following 3 kinds: first spraying technology, mainly for without washing or washing times little decorative fabric and architectural fabric (such as curtains and other textiles); the padding and impregnation technology, this technology is mainly used for processing pajamas, bedding, can also be processed coat; the coating technology. The technique is mainly used for the processing of labor protection products and decorative fabric.

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