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Brief Talk of Oil And Water Proof Fabric

2019-07-23 10:12 | writer: admin

Oil and water proof fabric refers to the fabric which is treated by the technology of fluoropolymer padding and coating, this kind of fabric has good air permeability and moisture permeability function, and has excellent water and oil repellent function, which can achieve the purpose of not dipping with oil, not permeating with water and keep the fabric clean and tidy.  Oil and water proof fabric can be made of 100% cotton oil and water repellent fabric, polyester oil and water repellent fabric, or the fabric blended with other chemical fibers, such as polyester cotton oil and water repellent fabric. This kind of fabric is suitable for making labor protective clothing which frequently contacts with oil and water media. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, gas station, mining industry, cook's clothing, repairing and other industries.
The protection principle of oil and water proof fabrics is basically the same as that of acid-proof fabrics, which is to change the characteristics of fabric fiber surface through finishing process. Generally, liquid drops on solid surface will form different shapes due to the surface tension and interaction between liquid and solid. Oil and water proof fabric is the fabric which is treated by the technology of fluoropolymer padding and coating, in order to acquire that the fabric surface tension is lower than liquid surface tension to achieve the effect of oil and water resistance. 
 When the contact angle θ is equal to 180°, the drop is bead shape, which is an ideal not wet state, but there always has some adhesion effects, so the condition that the contact angle is 180 ° never happened, only some approximate conditions can be obtained, such as the contact angle is more than 160°.When θ is equal to 0°, that is the drop spreads out on the solid surface, which is the ultimate state that the solid surface is wetted by the drops, when the untreated fabric contacts with the liquid, such state will appear. Fabric surface finishing is trying to make the contact angle θ increase as far as possible, and make the liquid stay in bead shape on the surface of fabric, thus achieving the purpose of oil and water proof.  
Compared with the normal fabric, the oil and water proof fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. not only has more beautiful appearance, but also has the excellent effect of oil and water proof like the lotus leaf, thus keeping the fabric clean and dry for long term. Welcome consumers to choose and buy.

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