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Fire Rages-Yulong Textile Prays for Amazon

2019-09-03 08:46 | writer: admin

    On August 19, after a group pictures of Amazon in fire makes public, heated discussion on the internet is aroused immediately. From that moment, the news about Amazon in fire dominates the headlines and trending searches on social medias. But the fact is the Amazon is caught on fire in the beginning of July, it has not attracted much attention for quite a while. According to the indication of satellite data of Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, until the local time August 21, 2019, the fire of Amazon has been lasted for 16 days, “ the lung of the earth” are under unbearable crisis. Before then, the Brazil government has already stepped up efforts to fight the fire. But because Brazil is now in a season of high temperatures, dry weather and strong winds, the firefighting faces a big challenge. In order to speed up the firefighting, protect the fire fighters, the flame retardant clothing with high quality is essential.

    Fighting the forest fire is a very complicated, hard and dangerous work, the firefighters is baked by the high temperature of forest fire, general work clothes can not protect the safety and health of firefighters. Burn is a common accident in the forest fire fighting, forest flame retardant clothing is specifically for the forest firefighters in the fire, in order to defend the flame, hot objects and other injuries wear special work clothes.

    The use of excellent flame retardant clothing is to reduce the degree of firefighters injured, improve the effectiveness of team combat effectiveness. And the flame retardant clothing is not up to the standard’s main reasons: flame retardant performance is difficult to meet the standard; breaking strength and tear strength is not enough; temperature& moisture resistance is poor; easy cleaning ability is poor; easy to shrink; safety& environmental performance is poor and other reasons.

    Good flame retardant clothing with good flame retardant properties can make the fire can not spread and disappear in the invisible, which reduces the fire accident, to avoid burns and damage. It is great significance. We Xinxiang Yulong textile production of flame-retardant clothing can meet the relevant requirements of the European standard American standard of flame retardant properties - its afterglow, afterflame time is less than or equal to 2s.

    We Xinxiang Yulong Textile has always been committed to making due contributions to society and striving for a better life of human beings. In the development of many years, we continue to improve the production process, so that we can ensure the flame retardant clothing produced by us has good flame retardant properties, and is more washable, safer and greener, has lower shrinkage rate. All employees of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. pray for Amazon, we hope the rescue operation will end soon.

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