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Fireproof Anti-Static Workwear Always Protects Safety

2019-09-24 10:15 | writer: admin

The role of fireproof anti-static workwear is to ensure the safety of the body and smooth production! Its anti-static effect comes from the fabric interweaved with conductive fibers, which is a kind of clothing with two special protective effects at the same time. The carbon fiber with conductive properties is woven in the warp and weft direction of the fabric, so that the flame retardant fabric has permanent anti-static performance, and the two functions do not interfere with each other, and both of them can reach the their functional indexes.
The fireproof anti-static workwear produced by Yulong Textile adopts mesh anti-static and flame retardant fabrics. The special work clothes are made of high quality fabrics and are made with great ingenuity. The protective effect meets the relevant standards of the national standard. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, mine, electronics, military, aerospace, navigation, medicine and other places where there are static electricity hazards, fire and explosion hazards.
Flame retardant performance can reach the standards of EN11612, EN11611, NFPA2112, ASTM, etc. Anti-static performance can reach GB12014, GB12703, en1149-1, en1149-3 and other standards.
Our fireproof anti-static workwear has suits and coveralls style, Our fireproof and anti-static clothing has suit and conjoined style, which has good flame retardant, anti-static, breathable, light weight, strong and wear-resistant, soft and comfortable, moisture absorption, wear-resistant and other characteristics. It can work safely in special environment,and can reduce the burned area and degree of workers in deflagration fire accident to the greatest extent.
fireproof anti-static workwear
In terms of design, try to cover the skin surface as much as possible, such as not using the lapel design to improve the overall safety of the garment. In addition,it is recommended to use flame retardant stitching and zipper to avoid the whole clothing breaking due to the burning of the accessory during the deflagration,which makes the clothing unable to play the due protective role.
In addition, we need to pay attention to some details, such as choosing the protective workwear with suitable size and slightly loose . If the size is too small, it will greatly affect the comfort of wearing and the flexibility of operation. For example, when wearing fireproof antistatic workwear , do not open the collar, do not roll up the sleeves, the oil of the protective clothing should be cleaned, and so on.In order to ensure that fireproof anti-static workwear can play the best role.
The fireproof anti-static workwear is the necessary protective clothing for the relevant staff in the flammable and explosive workplace to ensure the safety of personal production. We are a one-stop production factory with fabric factory and clothing factory. We are committed to providing solutions for personal protection such as safe production and emergency rescue. We can customize professional tooling style according to customer needs and industry characteristics.

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