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Work Pants Purchase Guide

2019-10-29 10:15 | writer: admin

When people are working or outdoors, they generally choose to wear durable, comfortable and dirt-resistant pants, and work pants can meet these requirements. When people buy overalls, they generally need to consider the following aspects:
According to the type of layout, work pants can be generally divided into classic, loose and slim three styles;
a.Classic style: This is the most common type of common style;
b.Loose style: Compared with the classic style, it will add a lot of large-capacity pockets to the trousers, and the trousers legs are wider;
c.Slim fit: The fit of the tailored work pants will be slimmer than the classic cut but not tight.
Work Pants Purchase Guide
Work pants are usually made of denim, cotton fabric or polyester/cotton fabric. Different fabric properties will make the work pants feel different:
a.Denim: The more you wear and wash, the more comfortable you wear. Usually, denim overalls will be thicker than those of fashionable jeans. Some denim work pants will also be velvet or wool lining to meet the requirements of wearing in cold weather. 
b.Cotton fabric: It has the advantages of comfortable wearing, breathability, warmth, moisture absorption, heat resistance, alkali resistance and hygiene. But at the same time, cotton fabrics also have shortcomings such as wrinkle, easy shrinkage, easy deformation, and poor acid resistance.
c.Polyester/cotton fabric: Polyester cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton. It is not as comfortable as cotton, and it is not as good as cotton. However, it has good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage rate, and is characterized by being straight, not wrinkled, easy to wash, and quick drying.
3.Functionality of work pants
When we buy work pants, we will consider it has a certain practicality or durability. In general, in addition to making a fuss about the fabric used in work pants (using a tear-resistant fabric, the pants will be more durable), and more is to improve the style of the pants. When designing work pants, designers usually need to consider the durability, three-needle stitching in the process, double-layer reinforcement on the knees of the overalls, so that the pants can be protected by one layer; the hips of the overalls will be thickened to improve the wear resistance of the pants.
In addition, some workplaces with special needs also need to have more functions such as flame retardant, anti-static, high visibility, oil and water repellent, acid and alkali resistance.
In summary, when purchasing work pants, it is necessary to carry out targeted purchases according to actual needs.

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