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The Characteristics of Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric

2015-09-14 08:45 | writer: admin

Nomex fiber is aromatic polyamide fiber synthetic fiber in the family, With high fracture strength, elongation, soft, high temperature softening, melting, coking, only smoke when burning low concentration and low calorific value. So the aramid fabric has good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to high temperature and fire retardant properties, and resistance to washing, repeated washing its flame retardant performance remains good, and has good dimensional stability and wearability.
Aramid fabric is suitable for the production of bulletproof clothes, fire service, flight clothing and other special clothing, and more suitable for the petroleum industry, steel industry, automobile industry and other work clothes. To meet the needs of the market, the author research and development of flame retardant properties of durable aramid fiber series products.
1. The performance charateristics of raw materials
The main physical indexes of long aramid fibers: 51mm in length, fineness of 1. 67dtex, the fracture strength of 4 3cN/ dtex, regain 6.5%.
2. The fabric specifications and technological process
Ingredient: warp and weft are 100% aramid fiber strands.
The product through from the selection of raw materials, process scheme and the implementation of the semi-finished products strictly control of each working procedure such as the quality control, optimization of process parameters, solved the technical problems in the process of flame retardant fiber in spinning and weaving.
By inspection: flame retardant fabric thermal resistance of LOI is 33, the length of carbonization of 55mm,  but time is 0, flame retardant time 0. 9 s, etc., The flame retardant test indexes flame retardant fabric achieves GB17591-1998 standard requirement. Permanent flame-retardant effect is obvious, fabric strength high, soft and comfortable, after repeated washing does not affect the flame retardant effect.

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