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Spring and Autumn Casual Straight plus Size Cargo Pants

2019-12-24 10:30 | writer: admin

Workwear style clothing from last year began to set off a boom,and it is still the trend in the new year. Especially with a sense of fashion,plus size cargo pants have become an essential part of daily wear. It has a pocket design and different trousers, which creates a sense of casualness.
Cargo pants from the overalls,but they were not the relatively heavy old-fashioned overalls in our impression. The earliest cargo pants appeared in the form of bib pants in the 18th century. At that time, in order to make the work of workers more convenient, this cargo pants were designed to put tools on the body, using their wide cut and large back bags protects the wearer's waist and facilitates the storage of personal tools. And now the plus size cargo pants are again sought after because of their unique casual fashion style.After improvement by the designer, these cargo pants not only have the characteristics of comfortable fabrics, but also their version can be better modify the leg type, so that it becomes a popular new favorite, which is an essential part of our wardrobe!
Spring and Autumn Casual Straight plus Size Cargo Pants
Compared with the previous, cargo pants began to be designed into a style that more people liked, and also had more obvious characteristics.First of all, the plus size cargo pants are more loose in style, smoother in line, delicate in workmanship, and solid in color. The pants are made of healthy cotton fabric, which has the characteristics of soft touch, comfortable wearing, and good breathability. Cargo pants pay special attention to the application of pockets in the design. Different parts of the pants correspond to different styles of pockets, such as diagonal pockets, with large capacity and strong sense of depth. Leg pockets are practical, beautiful, and durable. In addition,  the waist details of the cargo pants are highlighted, such as the elastic elastic design and the strap drawstring, which can further modify the waistline and figure. What's more important is that in addition to wear-resistant large size cargo pants, the simple design contains all kinds of body shapes, such as the most popular "up tight down loose" matching method. the cargo pants can be shown perfectly, and its matching is also very high, whether it is with T-shirts, jackets, shirts, can be the most perfect combination.
The plus size cargo pants produced by Yulong Textile can be custom designed and produced according to customer requirements. The sewing process is delicate and the yarn is selected. The company's products have undergone multiple production processes and assembly line operations, and are strictly controlled in accordance with the quality inspection requirements, the quality of exquisite workmanship. The straight plus size cargo pants are extremely inclusive, the style of the pants is changeable, and the wide version of three-dimensional cutting, add casual clothing atmosphere and outstanding style charm.

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