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Straight Work Pants -- Suit for Everyone

2019-12-31 11:19 | writer: admin

Recently, a pair of trousers called "straight work trousers" suddenly ignited. Straight work pants are most special because of their pocket design. They are beautiful and cool. Pair it with simple solid-colored sweaters and youthful canvas shoes.
Straight work pants have been loved by many celebrities and fashionistas. Wenle Yu is a loyal fan of straight work pants, which is also shown in "Chun Jiao and Zhi Ming". In the past, when talking about straight work pants, I always felt a rustic feeling. Now the color, style and material of straight work pants are richer, and the matching has become more fashionable. Straight work pants do not pick a figure, suitable for anyone to wear, full of fashion sense, will not be too high-profile!
Straight work pants are usually solid and camouflage, and among the solid colors, military green is the most popular. Nine points of trousers are added with a foot-tie design, which is also friendlier for shorter people. It is thin and stretches legs. Paired with solid sweaters and sneakers, full of youthful vitality!
Black straight work pants, with yellow embellishment, broke the dull sense of black, a little livelier flavor. Loose version, very cleverly covers the lower body of a lot of fat, very casual and thin. Pair it with simple black and white contrasting "daddy shoes" to easily create a fashionable and handsome fan!
straight work pants
Khaki straight work pants are also very popular. Khaki is a more friendly color, giving a refreshing and clean feeling. The most special feature of this straight work pants is the velcro design at the trousers, which can easily create a variety of styles. The tight design of the trousers can be worn well to show a thin and high effect. It is more stylish with high-top canvas shoes!
Loose straight work trousers are more tolerant of the leg shape. With loose tops, the work pants effect of covering the skin is thinner, and even a short girl can easily wear a cool street style. Pair it with simple canvas shoes and roll up the trousers to reveal black socks.
With 18 years of development, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd., in order to change people’s impression of the lack of aesthetics of the tooling, they continue to study the color matching of the tooling and improve the size table, so that the tooling is safe and comfortable, and it is also aesthetically pleasing.

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