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Customized Flame Retardant Workwear First Understand These

2020-01-14 10:01 | writer: admin

In the actual working environment, there are various unpredictable risk factors, such as electrostatic hazards, flammable and explosive hidden dangers, and so on. A reliable and safe working environment is essential for all industries; improving the personal safety of employees, and improving comfort, durability and productivity are higher pursuits. Flame retardant workwear is one of the most widely used varieties of personal protective equipment. Its main principle is to adopt shielding effects such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization isolation, etc. Flame retardant workwear protects workers from flames or heat. At least it can provide basic safety protection in hazardous working environments. Especially when the weather is erratic in winter, choosing a suitable tooling is a very important thing for the staff who are often engaged in outdoor work. A good flame retardant workwear must have good flame retardant properties and be suitable for ergonomic tailoring.
In the selection of fabrics, fabrics with good abrasion resistance and tear resistance should be selected. Any flame retardant workwear will be worn and hooked during wearing. In order to have a longer service life, the flame retardant fabric with the best wear resistance and tear resistance will be selected when selecting the material.
Customized Flame Retardant Workwear
Because the temperature difference between day and night in winter is large, and the heat emitted by the human body is quite high, therefore, "how to ensure the balance of temperature and humidity in clothing" is also an important factor to consider in the process of selecting fabrics. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd.'s waterproof and flame-retardant fabric after nano-coating has both waterproof and fireproof functions and good air permeability to ensure that you can radiate excess heat in the body in time when you work. So as to ensure the dryness of the body. The inner lining of the clothing will also carefully choose cotton fabrics with high natural softness for you, which will make you more comfortable and skin-friendly when wearing.
Sewing threads, accessories, and accessories are an indispensable part of clothing. As a part of flame retardant workwear, special requirements are required-flame retardancy. This standard requires that the sewing thread cannot be melted and burnt; the material of buckles, hooks, and zippers should not be made of fusible, flammable, and deformable materials. If it must be used, its surface must be covered with flame-retardant clothing; It should not be in direct contact with the body, because its thermal conductivity is strong, and it is easy to burn the skin. If rubber-like materials are used, the covering material must be flame-retardant. When the lining must be used, the lining is required not to melt. Use reflective materials It must also be a flame retardant material.
Finally, we also need to keep improving in the final version of clothing. The flame-retardant coveralls, anti-static jackets, waterproof bib pants, and cotton flame-retardant shirts designed by Yulong Textile are carefully designed and cut out by professional plate-making personnel. These products are After a series of operations such as trial-fitting experiments, modification, finalization, customer visits, and partial modification, we have created a mature product that is most suitable for your work wear. Therefore, in addition to exquisite workmanship, we also ensure that the wearer's limit of movement of each part of the body is maximized while wearing, and the comfort of movement is greatly increased.

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