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The Arc on The Human Body Damage

2015-09-18 09:36 | writer: admin

Arc injury, generally refers to the human body in the absence of contact current, arc thermal burns caused because of the great arc heat around the electric environment encountered in the electricity generated ionizing air; and other electrical injury were more often destructive damage of internal and external human tissue due to direct contact with the human body and lead to the supply current the. In general, people learn more about the accident of electric shock, and in fact in the electric power industry is more dangerous is hidden not for people to understand the electric arc harm. Arc risk is often different from other electrical injury, it is often without contact also easy to neglect, is difficult to avoid serious burns in direct contact with lighted clothing workers will cause or death.
Metric - arc intensity
Arc magnitude (ATPV, Arc Thermal Performance Value) unit is Cal/cm - (per square centimeter of Kaluri); it refers to the total energy in a unit area, is used for detecting the intensity of arc. 1 Cal/cm - exposure energy is equivalent to a lighted cigarette butts at the fingertips of 1 seconds, as long as the 1-2 Cal/cm facility, can make the person's skin causing 2 degree burns.
According to the American NFPA Association, that arc injuries are mainly involved in a huge arc explosion heat generated when cause human body burns, therefore, to measure the arc may harm grade standard is usually use standard arc energy, namely Cal/cm - (per square centimeter of calories). Arc resistant clothing ATPV value is greater, the better the performance of a description of its anti arc.

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