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The "Delta" mutant strain is here, how can we protect ourselves?

2021-06-25 10:54 | writer: admin

   What is the delta mutant strain? According to Xinhua News Agency, this strain was first discovered in India in October 2020 and was initially called a "double mutant" virus by the media. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Health of India at the end of March this year, the "India New Coronavirus Genomics Alliance" composed of 10 laboratories found in samples collected in Maharashtra that this new mutant strain carries E484Q and L452R mutations. , May lead to immune escape and increased infectivity. This mutant strain was named B.1.617 by the WHO and was named with the Greek letter δ (delta) on May 31.
    Experts from the World Health Organization said in Geneva a few days ago that the delta strain of the new coronavirus variant has now spread to 92 countries. The epidemic situation in the United Kingdom, Israel and other countries is not optimistic, and the more easily spread Delta strain has brought new challenges to the global fight against the epidemic.
What are the characteristics of the new Delta strain: 1. Stronger transmission; the infectivity and transmission ability of the "Delta" mutant virus is significantly enhanced, especially the incubation period or the passage interval is shortened, and it has spread five or six in just 10 days The spread of the virus is accelerating. Second, the viral load is high; a research team from the United Kingdom found that compared with the people infected with the “Alpha” mutant strain first discovered in the UK, the “Delta” mutant strain was infected The risk of being hospitalized for the population of AIDS is twice as high. Third, there may be immune escape, but the vaccine still has a protective effect. Studies have shown that compared with unvaccinated cases, the time from diagnosis to antibody positive is shorter in vaccinated cases, and CT High value and short hospital stay.
    How can we protect it? For a long time, humans and natural viruses have been dependent on each other, living together on this earth. Human beings are advanced animals, and they will find a magic weapon for all kinds of viruses and microorganisms that harm our health. Judging from Guangzhou’s prevention and control experience, my country’s vaccines against mutant strains still have a protective effect, so everyone must actively respond to the call for timely vaccination. And pay attention to personal protective measures, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and often ventilate. Don't let up just because the epidemic is not serious. It is recommended to wear disposable protective clothing when going out in areas with medium and high epidemic risk.
    Even if the human population immune barrier is established and the virus pandemic ends, as long as the source and intermediate host of the virus are not found for a day, the new coronavirus will coexist with humans for a long time, and new virus variants may still appear. 

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