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Low formaldehyde flame retardant fabric produced by Yulong textile in Xinxiang City

2021-07-07 15:52 | writer: admin

   The function of formaldehyde in textiles is to form a cross-linking agent with artificial resin to form a protective layer on the    sample, which has the functions of anti ironing, anti shrinking, anti wrinkle and easy decontamination. However, excessive formaldehyde will do harm to human health. Formaldehyde has a strong irritant effect on the skin and eye mucous membrane. If there is excessive formaldehyde in textiles, it will be gradually released with the wearing process, which will cause harm to the human body through the skin and respiratory tract, especially easy to stimulate the skin and respiratory tract of infants. Especially the baby underwear is close to the body, the harm will be greater. When children wear clothes that exceed the standard of formaldehyde, the minor symptoms are tears, cough, contact dermatitis, finger and nail pain, etc. in severe cases, insomnia, dizziness, headache and other symptoms will appear. If you wear clothes with excessive formaldehyde for a long time and inhale low-dose formaldehyde gradually, it can also cause chronic respiratory diseases, conjunctivitis, laryngitis, asthma, bronchitis and other diseases, and even induce cancer.
The limits of formaldehyde in GB 18401 are as follows: infant products (Class A), formaldehyde content 20mg / kg; Direct contact with skin (b), formaldehyde content 75mg / kg; Non direct contact skin (c), formaldehyde content 300 mg / kg;
    Consumer Guide: ① when consumers buy Textiles and clothing, they should try to choose the clothing sold by formal commercial enterprises, and pay attention to check the content of commodity identification to ensure that they buy satisfactory products. ② When consumers use newly purchased textiles and clothing, they should wash them first to reduce the impact of fabric pH or floating color fading on human skin. ③ Consumers in textiles and clothing, try to choose light color goods, in order to prevent dark products dye fade will fade, for deep color products, you can use white cloth to friction with the goods, if fade is certainly unqualified products, can not buy. ④ When you buy, you can ask the merchant to check whether there is a test report from a regular testing organization. If there is no test report, you can't buy. ⑤ When buying textiles and clothing, especially non iron clothing and printed coating clothing, first smell the clothing for fishy smell or peculiar smell. If there is, you can't buy it.

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