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Flame Retardant Protective Clothing Should Reach These Requirement

2015-09-21 08:59 | writer: admin

Flame retardant protective clothing can stop lighting itself and after flame and afterglow.
The quality of the products should comply with the provisions ofthe GB8965.1-2009 "protective clothing _ flame retardant protective _ part 1: flame retardant   clothing".
Flame retardant protective clothing should meet the following requirements:
1.comfortable、lightweight、conducive to human activities.
2.The jacket pocket mouth should cover,in case of spraying molten metal or other contaminants into the bag.
3.Aeration pore can leave at the appropriate place of jacket,in order to ventilation, perspire, and regulate body temperature. But the pore shall not affect the clothing structural strength and  make clothing inside invasioned by foreign matter.
4.At 60℃,the flame retardant performance should comply with the requirements after washing 50 times and every 15min with general synthetic detergent.In the experiment that the fabric has melting shrinkage for nonconforming product.
5.Joint or suture strength of joint part of the flame retardant protective clothing should greater than 29.4N.

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