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The Classification and Structure of Protective Clothing

2015-09-23 08:51 | writer: admin

According to the protective clothing function can be divided into health protective clothing, such as radiation-proof clothes, anorak, insulation suits, antibacterial clothes; safety protective clothing, such as flame retardant protective clothing, anti-static clothing, bulletproof clothing, puncture proof clothes, suits, diving suits, acid suits pest control services, etc.; keep the wearer health protective clothing, such as anti oil and water repellent, dust-proof clothing etc..
The structure of protective clothing, generally have high coverage, high locking and convenient working characteristics, space suits and diving suits and other special protective clothing is also equipped with equipment and corresponding device.
Protective clothing materials, in addition to meet the high strength and high wear trousers with requirements, often the purpose of protection, the principle of protection varies, from cotton, wool, silk, lead and other natural materials, rubber, plastic, resin, synthetic fiber and other synthetic materials, to the contemporary new functional materials and composite materials, such as: impact of para aromatic polyamide and high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber products, containing fluorine compound oil repellent, anti radiation polyimide fibers, acrylic complexed copper fiber antistatic agglomeration, antibacterial fiber and the related deodorant finishing of fabric.
Protective clothing explanation: protective clothing is the work of physical, chemical and biological defense against external factors such as the harm to the human body clothing.

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