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The Development Trend of Flame Retardant Finishing Technology of Textiles

2015-09-25 08:36 | writer: admin

China has successfully developed a variety of flame retardant materials, created a new way for China's textile flame retardant technology. But the variety, quantity and flame retardant properties, but also a large gap with the developed countries. With the development of economy and the national legal system perfect, flame retardant textiles application will attract the attention of the whole society. Flame retardant textiles with broad market demand in China, with great potential of development. The future development of the flame retardant technology generally have the following trends.
(1) to strengthen the theoretical study of flame retardant, flame retardant theory is the foundation of flame retardant technology, study on the combustion and flame retardant theory provides a theoretical basis to improve the flame retardant level for powerful new flame retardant, flame retardant, determination method, have very important realistic meaning.
(2) the development of new low toxicity and smoke and pollution of the flame retardant, the flame retardant non halogenated and super fine development, to reduce the harm of fire accident on human life and natural environment.
(3) the development of flame retardants has synergistic effects, such as phosphorus, nitrogen and bromine in molecular or intermolecular binding, improve the flame retardant effect, reduce the interference of the original production process and product quality.
(4) to strengthen the study of function of flame retardant textiles, flame retardant textiles except with flame retardant function, we can also according to the different needs of users with different functions, a variety of functions such as waterproof and oil repellent, antibacterial, antistatic etc.
(5) the environmental problems caused by the attention should be paid to the flame retardant, flame retardant finishing of textiles by waste must be taken into account does not have a negative impact on the environment, such as recycling, utilization and treatment of waste combustion heat etc..

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