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Recommend flame retardant cotton fabric dyeing and finishing process

2015-09-28 08:44 | writer: admin

Dyeing and finishing process of cotton fabric flame retardant mainly practice such as bleaching, dyeing, finishing process.It to improve the appearance of the fabric and improve its performance, improve the quality of the flame retardant fabric, etc play an important role. Practising bleaching cotton fabric flame retardant floating main process includes: alkali scouring, bleaching, shrinkage, waxing, etc.Including scouring, bleaching and other processing principle, with the agent the same as the cotton cloth, not repeat.But the cotton fabric flame retardant, easy to deformation cannot undergo large tension, so loose type processing equipment must be used when processing.The following simple introduce alkali shrinkage and wax, etc. Alkali shrinkage, the alkali shrinkage of the flame retardant cotton fabric flame retardant cotton fabric in flabby condition with strong alkali treatment process.
Cotton fiber expanded in the thick white liquor, the fabric shrinkage, the fabric density and increase elasticity, to loose organization of single jersey fabric, such as processing, alkali reduction includes three steps, namely the pad lye, stacking shrinkage and washing to alkali. Waxing: laid on bleaching of cotton fabric flame retardant, flame retardant cotton wax material after removing the oil increase friction between the fiber.When sewing, because of the fiber is not easy to slip, the influence in fastness.To solve this problem, in addition to the strict control of process conditions, simultaneously soft handle, namely, waxing, after dehydration fabric pad paraffin emulsion, then through fluid drying off. 
Finishing cotton fabric flame retardant finishing mainly have shrink collation and fleece.Flame retardant cotton fabric in dyeing and finishing, vulnerable to stretching, accumulated deformation, once washed, the accumulation of fabric deformation will bounce back, cause size change.Preshrunk finish is fabric in hot and humid relaxation state forced retraction, fabric size stability.For cotton flannelette subject to fleece.Raising consolidation is to pull the fiber knitted fabric float line shape also nap, make the fabric texture is soft.Feel abundance thin, warmth retention property.Flame retardant cotton variety, dyeing and finishing process are different.

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