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Anti-static Overalls Selection

2015-10-07 08:40 | writer: admin

(A) anti technology and properties of electrostatic overalls
Antistatic clothing related technology and performance indexes which can be found in the national standard "anti-static overalls" (GB 12014-1989).
(B) prevent the use and management of static work clothing
Antistatic clothing is not a dress for good, wearing improper and after repeated washing, the antistatic function may be reduced, can not meet the safety requirements, therefore, the wearing and keeping should pay attention to the following matters:
(1) clothing should all use of anti-static fabric, generally do not use lining. You must use the lining, the lining of the show should not exceed all the clothing of inner surface area of 20%.
(2) according to the different processing object in different places of the electrostatic sensitivity, selection of different grades of anti-static cloth and anti-static overalls.
(3) banned in anti-static overalls attached or wearing any metal objects.
(4) are not allowed in the site operation of electrostatic sensitive product put on or remove the overalls (should be more specified in the locker room). Work clothes buttons should all buttoned, try not to make it at close to strip state.
(5) the work clothes washing should try to use simple method, machine washable, hand washing can be, the water temperature at 30-600 Deg. C, should avoid making overalls have strong mechanical and chemical operating washing, soaking time should not be more than 3h.
(6) ironing and ordinary cotton fabric, polyester cotton fabric is same, in the above 40 degrees, 85 degrees below the temperature can be, printing parts can not use iron directly ironing.
(7) the bulk purchase of anti-static overalls in should be randomly select a few pieces of detecting charged amount of wear before. Wear after a certain period of time, especially with electric shock to retest the wearer strip.
(8) wear anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes must be worn with matching with GB 4385 in the provisions of the. Wool socks wear anti-static shoes, should not be conductive shoes and wearing insulated and insulated insoles. Place the use of anti-static shoes anti-static floor should be, using conductive shoes place should be conductive ground. In addition, in the wear process, generally not more than 200H resistance test should be carried out once.
(9) anti-static overalls must be strictly in accordance with the labor protection supplies using periodic replacement, lest its anti-static function decreases after repeated washing, can not meet the requirements. Specific requirements: first configuration for each spring installed 2 sets, 2 sets of summer, winter and summer shoes 1 sets of L double, winter 1 pairs of shoes, summer and autumn cap hat 2 top 2 top. The replacement of anti-static uniform and working shoes: spring and autumn outfit every 2 years to replace the L sets, summer each year to replace 1 sets, 1 sets of winter clothes replaced every 4 years, summer shoes each year to replace 1 pairs, summer hat every 2 years to replace the 2 top.

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