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Protective Clothing on The Technology and Function of Innovation

2015-10-19 10:18 | writer: admin

With the establishment of personal safety protective clothing products to improve the performance of standard requirements, all kinds of safety protective clothing products increasingly. For example, fire protective firefighters wearing clothes, on the flame retardant finish of cotton from the original use, to the current widespread use of high-tech fabric; structure from monolayer to multilayer structure, the structure adopted by developed countries; the function from the flame retardant properties of the original single, to the present has the function of various flame retardant, insulation, waterproof, breathable, antistatic etc.. The high temperature resistant and flame retardant protective clothing refers to the use of aramid and other high tech fiber processed into clothing, this clothing with a permanent fire insulation function, can always maintain enough strength and wearing properties at high temperature and high humidity weather conditions; in case of fire and high temperature will not produce droplet, fabric size stability, not strong contraction or rupture; has the advantages of abrasion resistance, tear resistance, light weight and comfortable to wear and other comprehensive characteristics.
The international development trend of protective clothing protective clothing outer layer has the fireproof performance permanent flame retardant, clothing has a good waterproof breathable performance, good insulation performance and the antistatic performance, while focusing on the wearing comfort. In addition, depending on the use of the environment to increase the special protective performance requirements of welding service to increase the anti molten metal droplet impact requirements, the fire service to increase the radiation resistance and waterproof requirements, petrochemical and coal used in protective clothing to increase the antistatic requirement. The future of protective clothing will use more new synthetic materials, fire prevention, anti-virus, anti chemical set as a whole, to comfort degree of development, has been equipped with a micro climate can work continuously adjusting equipment, the overall product more portable, easy to use.

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